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How to

Configure, Re-Configure, Connect, Couple, De-Couple Extend and Service or Re-Purpose Space and Planetary Systems or Robots?
Easy! With our Multi-Functional STANDARD “iSSI – intelligent Space System Interface” – a Patented Androgynous 4-in-1 Fail-Safe Interface (mechanical, power, data, thermal).

iSSI (Baseline) DataSheetiSSI-Baseline-DataSheet-PDF
iSSI Brochure 2017 DLR Space AdministrationiSSI-Brochure-2017-DLR-PDF

iSSI – Lab Models (with thermal interface on left)

iSSI – Qualification Model (Video)

iSSI – Robotic End Effector Handling iBLOCKs (Video)

iSSI – Coupling (Simulation)

iSSI – Breadboard Integrated in Satellite Structure (Video)