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  • Enabling Multiple New Businesses in the Global Space Arena within Less than a Decade
  • By Changing Paradigms of Space System Design and Operations Based on Our Proprietary Standards

Mission Statement

  • Provide Unique Top-Notch Space-Borne Technology Standards Supporting Modular PnP, New Systems and Functionalities, Upgrading, Re-Purposing and Maintainability, Cost-Efficiency in a Straight-Forward Business Model Favoring Our Partners.
  • Employing the Universally Applicable intelligent Space System Interface iSSI as a Core Towards New Building Sets Enhancing Systems and Operations in Space and on Earth.

iBOSS Concept Vison (Video)

iBOSS @ IAC2017
(68th International Astronautical Congress, Adelaide, Australia)

Presentation iac17-presentation-pdf Paper iac17-pdf