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  • Since 2010 the German Aerospace Center DLR – Space Administration Funds a Collaborative Research Program iBOSS – intelligent Building Blocks for On-Orbit Satellite Servicing and Assembly
  • The Project is Being Conducted by the iBOSS Consortium Comprising the Renown German Institutions TU Berlin (System Lead), MMI and SLA of RWTH Aachen, FZI, RIF and JKIC
  • Ground Qualification of iBOSS Core Technologies is Scheduled for Early 2018
  • In-Orbit Demonstration of Key iBOSS Elements is Envisaged for 2020

iBOSS GmbH is THE iBOSS Commercialization Entity Serving Partners and Customers and Supporting the iBOSS Family


iBOSS in Brief

iBOSS Consortium